Here’s a Free Photoshop Course in 33 Videos

Want to learn Photoshop from the very beginning? Here’s a beginner’s guide by TastyTuts will let you jump-start your post production skills. It’s a series of 33 videos that will help you know everything you need to handle the popular editing software “like a pro”.

The course is structured around how to create a book cover design graphic, but all of the skills are relevant to photographers, as there are so many different ways you may find yourself using the software to further your images.

Once you’ve downloaded the course materials in the project folder and grabbed the PDF worksheet, bookmark this page and get started on your free course today!

Course Overview and Breakdown

1. Interface Introduction to Adobe Photoshop

2. Panels and Workspaces in Adobe Photoshop

3. Raster Image Principles

4. Image Size, Dimension, and Resolution

5. Layers

6. Common File Types

7. Color

8. 10 Handy Beginner Tips

9. Making Selections

10. Copy & Paste

11. Transform Tools

12. Using Brushes

13. Eraser Tool & Layer Masking

14. Shape Tool

15. Type Principals

16. Layer Styles

17. Paths & the Pen Tool

18. Smart Objects

19. Color Adjustments

20. Adjustment Layers

21. Filters

22. Blending Modes

23. Saving in Photoshop

24. Setting Up a Document

25. 3D Paper Type Effect

26. Rainbow & Clouds Illustration

27. Manage Complexity & Working Smart

28. Decorating an Origami Paper Bird

29. Create an Origami Bird Logo

30. Using Type

31. Saving for Print

32. Adapt a Print Design for a Web Banner

33. Save for Web