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How NOT to Photograph an Alligator


When photographing wildlife, especially dangerous creatures, it’s important to stay a smart and safe distance away. One photographer over in Florida didn’t, and as the 2-minute video above shows, he almost found himself in the jaws of an angry alligator.

The video was captured by realtor Ben Boukari Jr. on the La Chua Trail at Paynes Prairie in Gainesville, Florida. While Boukari and the other people on the trail watched from the safety of a boardwalk, a photographer decided to take his camera gear, smartphone, and tripod down to the water to get a closer shot of the gator.

“Guy is way too close,” writes Boukari. “The gators normally lay out in the sun and are very calm. This guy got off of the trail and decided to try and get a closer look a mama gator and the babies.”

The gator charges the photographer at least twice, once in the beginning and another time at 1:40 in the video. The guy is lucky that both he and his camera gear escaped unscathed.

It’s recommended that you stay at least 3060 feet away from adult alligators, as they can outrun and outswim even the fastest people over a distance of about 30 feet.