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Cheap, Simple DIY Magnetic GoPro Mount



There is anything but a shortage of options when it comes to mounting your GoPro. Whether it’s from the company itself, a third party, or one of the dozens of DIY rigs, if there’s somewhere you’re considering mounting a GoPro, there’s probably a way to do it.

On that note, today we stumbled across an awesome (and cheap!) DIY magnet mount put together by Instructables user nlinventor.


All you need is the square plastic base that comes packaged with your GoPro, two neodymium magnets, two magnetic mounting cups, and the accompanying screws to attach them to the base. At most, this should cost you no more than $15–20, making it a cheap option for anyone who’s been toying with the idea of mounting their GoPro on a magnetic surface.

You can get the full, step-by-step rundown by following the link at the bottom of this post, and if you’d like to see how it performs, check out the video below.

(Almost) Free Magnetic Mount for GoPro camera [Instructables via Lifehacker]