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This Photographer Uses a Flash Drone to Light Difficult Portraits


Want to place an off-camera flash where stands and assistants can’t go? Try mounting it to a drone. That’s what Chinese photographer Fuyan Liu does to light difficult portraits in extreme situations.

WeTalkUAV reports that Liu attached a flash to a DJI Inspire 2 drone for a recent fashion photo shoot on top of a tall building.

The drones allowed her to illuminate her subjects using a light floating hundreds of feet in the air off the edge of the building.

“Drone with flash can give you an unlimited amount of angles and distances,” writes WeTalkUAV. “Drones can go where the regular flash stands can not.”

Here are a couple of videos showing the flash drone hovering around during the shoot:

There are some downsides to using a flash drone, though. They’re more expensive and an accident with them could be quite costly. They also have limited flight time — perhaps around 20 minutes of shooting for popular drones. Finally, you’ll also need an assistant dedicated to handling your aerial light for you.

If you can stomach those downsides, however, this is a pretty sweet idea for getting creative with how you light certain locations.

Image credits: Photographs by Tim Levin/WeTalkUAV and used with permission