I Used My Drone to Take Fun Portraits of People in Self-Isolation

Since we’re all stuck inside and social distancing, I recently took out my drone and photographed people in their homes through their windows or on their terraces. It’s a 100% zero-human-contact way to see how people are going crazy during quarantine times.

When Lithuania went under quarantine, all my photography jobs in advertising were canceled, events postponed or canceled, and I was sitting around without any job and thinking, “what the heck is going on and how can I solve this puzzle?” I knew that I needed to photograph something interesting, but this social distance thing was a tricky thing. At first, I thought of offering to shoot people with a telephoto lens, but then I remembered I frequently use a drone in my wedding photography, and that the drone is a totally zero-human-contact way to capture things.

I shot a few of my friends, the photos gained a lot of likes, and the project took off.

I started this project to give people a chance to brighten their day in this negative coronavirus information overload environment. I hope these funny photos remind everyone that sitting quarantined at home can be fun too. And, of course, I hope they also remind people to keep their social distance during these scary times.

Author’s Note: All photos were taken with consent and I have permission from these people to share their images.

About the author: Adas Vasiliauskas is a creative wedding photographer based in Lithuania but shooting worldwide. To see more of his work, visit his website, give him a follow on Instagram, or check out the rest of his quarantine drone portraits here. This post was also published here.