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Sony Releases World’s First Super Slow Motion Film Shot on a Smartphone


Sony is squeezing as much hype as it possibly can out of its impressive stacked sensor technology. Not only did they use this tech to create the 20fps Sony a9, they also created a smartphone that can shoot 960fps super slow motion. And now they’re showing it off…

The Sony Xperia XZ smartphone blew people’s minds when it was released in late February. Most smartphones max out at 240fps slow motion if you’re lucky, the XZ can shoot a blazing fast 960fps while keeping resolution at a respectable 720p.

But since PR videos are never 100% convincing, Sony invited a group of journalists to an event in Lisbon, where award-winning filmmaker Chris Cairns helped them create what Sony is calling “the world’s first super slow motion film shot on a smartphone.”

There was breaking glass, bouncy balls, acrobatic actors, and tons of colored powder on hand to make sure the super slow motion ‘Motion Eye’ cameras had something to actually capture, and the results are definitely impressive. Check it out for yourself up top, and enjoy some of our favorite bits in GIF form below:

(via DPReview)