This Guide Teaches You How to Use ND Filters for Stunning Long Exposures

Neutral Density (ND) filters are a great tool for producing unique photos in lighting conditions where a long exposure would otherwise not be possible. This 7-minute video tutorial goes in to detail about which filter to select for your scene, with before and after photos showing the effects possible.

Craig Roberts is a travel and landscape photographer who runs workshops, city walks, and posts tips and great advice on his YouTube channel. In his video he begins by talking about a filter that many photographers already have in their kit bag: the polarizer. This filter is often used for reducing glare, increasing contrast and deepening color. Craig reveals that it can also be used as a basic ND filter, cutting light reaching the sensor by 2 stops.

He then runs through the use of a 3-stop ND filter for shooting waterfalls, 6-stop ND filters for creative city shots, 10-stop NDs for slowing daytime exposures to the 1-minute mark, and the ultra dark 15-stop ND for long 3-4 minute exposures on cloudy days.

Take a look at Craig’s video at the top for more detail on how to use these filters, and for some inspiration for your next shoot. If you like what you see, be sure to check out the archive of videos on his YouTube channel.

(via Craig Roberts via Shutterbug)