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Drone Selfie Captures the Majesty of a 13th Century Czech Castle


Over the weekend, aerial photographer Mike Risser of Escape-Backpackers.com visited 13 castles around the Czech Republic. At the 13th century Bezděz Castle, Risser decided to shoot the short drone selfie above that captures the beauty of the location.

The clip was captured with the DJI Phantom 4 camera drone, which has features that make this type of selfie extremely easy to do.

“It flies automatically back to where it took off,” Risser says. “It’s quite amazing: it usually lands within 1 meter of the starting point.”


Drone selfies are pretty commonplace now as more and more affordable camera drones land in the hands of consumers — just a small number of years ago, this type of shot would be difficult and/or expensive to pull off.