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Video: BBC Camera Crew Gets Caught in Volcanic Eruption


A BBC camera crew was on Mount Etna in Sicily on Thursday when the volcano suddenly erupted while cameras were rolling. The resulting footage shows the terrifying moments in which journalists and tourists fled from the explosion that rained down super hot rocks.

Here’s the video shot by BBC camerawoman and photographer Rachel Price of the UK:

Journalist Rebecca Morelle reported on the explosion live in a series of Tweets:

Camerawoman Rachel Price had a falling rock burn a hole through her coat:

Thankfully, the BBC News crew and the tourists around them all escaped with their lives. Other photographers caught in volcanic eruptions in the past weren’t so fortunate: during the 1980 Mt. St. Helens eruption, photographer Robert Landsberg realized he couldn’t outrun the ash cloud, so he kept on shooting and then used his body to protect his camera and film.