Each of These ‘Light Planets’ Was Shot in One Very Long Exposure

Light painting photographer Bernhard Rauscher, better known by his pseudonym lumenman, does all kinds of interesting things with light. But one of his simplest experiments is also one of his most captivating. He calls them ‘Light Planets.’

‘Light planets’ are light painting spheres, each one ‘painted’ in a pitch black studio using acrylic light painting blades of Bernhard’s own creation. Every sphere takes 1 to 7 minutes of exposure time to create because Bernhard is not swinging a light on a rope around as you’ve no doubt seen before, he’s slowly and deliberately painting the shapes using strobes and different blade shapes.

“It was important to stand still on one point within a pitch dark studio while I was painting the orb with my shoulder being the center of it,” Bernhard explained in an interview with DIY Photography. “I achieved different structures by varying the shape of the blade, continuous or strobed light, and mainly the way I moved the blade. It’s also a good idea to be creative and customize the blades themselves with materials attached to them like plastic bags, tin foil, paper, etc.”

Have a look at the final products below. 12 planets in all.

To see more of Bernhard’s work, visit his website. There are a lot more creative light painting projects worth exploring in his portfolio.

Image credits: All photographs by Bernhard Rauscher/lumenman and used with permission.