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50 Photogs Recreate ‘Starry Night’ as a Light Painting Mosaic


A group of 50 light painting photographers around the world have recreated the famous Van Gogh painting The Starry Night as a mosaic comprised entirely of 456 individual light painting photos.

Photographer Dan Chick of Light Painting Blog writes that the project used Piece Out, a website he created that helps groups of people coordinate the creation of photo mosaics.

Chick and Light Painting World Alliance (LPWA) founder Sergey Churkin wanted to organize a special project for the International Day of Light, and after some brainstorming, they decided on a recreation of Starry Night.

The painting “The Starry Night” by Vincent van Gogh.

The painting was loaded into Piece Out, and on January 20th, 2018, it opened to photographers who wished to contribute.

The image was chopped into 456 tiles in a 19×24 grid. Each cropped square in the grid was then light painted by a photographer using a long-exposure photo in a dark room. Those photos were then uploaded to Piece Out as a 1000×1000-pixel photo.

Although progress was slow at first, eventually 50 photographers in 20 countries filled in every single square in the mosaic. The effort took about three months.

Here’s the final “Starry Night” recreation:

The photo is now available for purchase as 8×10 and 16×20 prints. It will also be exhibited as part of the International Day of Light in France and Germany.

Image credits: Photo mosaic by… Osvaldo Selva (Argentina), Adam Fenech (Australia), Stella Q (Australia), Melisa Lefebvre (Belgium), Yannick Lejeune (Belgium), Georgi Kasabov-Dodo (Bulgaria), Michelle Lark (Canada), Marko Bolkovic (Croatia), Kristyna Antosova (Czech Republic), Pavel Plizingr (Czech Republic), Atb Art (France), Stephane Babatasi (France), Juls Boo (France), Olivier Fay (France), Dennis Berka (Germany), Gunnar Heilmann (Germany), Frauke Ludescher (Germany), Manuel Koestler (Germany), Bernhard Rauscher (Germany), Martina Stoltz (Germany), Paula Tennie (Germany), Gareth Nathan (Ireland), Ray Sketchlight (Israel), Luca Romano (Italy), JM Osorno (Mexico), Arun Koendjbiharie (Netherlands), Petra Muilenburg (Netherlands), Anna Gawecka (Poland), Sergey Churkin (Russia), Martini Coetzee (South Africa), Luis Lafuente Medina (Spain), Fran Lojo (Spain), Ivan Lucio (Spain), Antonio Martinez (Spain), Gato Negro (Spain), Loren Rovira (Spain), Stuart Pearson (UK), Chris Bauer (USA), Andrea Boyle (USA), Paul Burns (USA), Dan Chick (USA), Ken Darnell (USA), M. Blanca Eyre (USA), Ashley Freiheit (USA), Johnny Griffin (USA), John Helsley (USA), T.J. Legler (USA), Jason Page (USA), Margarita Rubiera (USA), Christina Salinas (USA), Erin Simmons (USA).