Snapseed Update Adds Curves and ‘Try Harder’ Face Detection

Google-owned image editing app Snapseed is a go-to for many photographers when they want (or have) to edit photos on their smartphone. And starting today, those people have a new, highly-requested editing tool at their disposal: Curves.

Using Curves to adjust the shadows, midtones, and highlights in your image is both common and powerful, but up until now you were limited to adjusting shadows and highlights via slider on Snapseed. No more, the Curves panel now let you control the overall brightness and color-specific channels of your image.

“Curves gives you precise control over brightness levels and colors to shape the look of your photos,” writes the Snapseed team. “If you are familiar with Curves from desktop applications, you should be able to get started right away.”

Curves marks the first major update to Snapseed in 2017, but the team didn’t stop there. The newest version of the app also includes an improved Face Detection system that lets you click “Try Harder” if the algorithm isn’t locking on properly. Additionally, the Text tool now lets you wrap lines anywhere you’d like, and the grain quality in Black & White has also been given an algorithmic boost.

To give these updates a shot for yourself, update Snapseed on your phone or download a fresh copy from the iTunes App Store or Google Play.

(via Engadget)