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Google+ Photos Update Brings Snapseed-esque Functionality to the Browser


Google’s acquisition of Nik Software some time ago caused quite a stir in the photography community. Creators of a number of plugins, filters and the editing app Snapseed, Nik Software had a lot to offer Google in the world of photography.

And little by little, as Google has continued to improve its photo platform and services, more and more influence and integration from the acquisition is making its way to the end user. Case in point is Google+ Photos’ latest update, which features a number of Snapseed-esque editing tools.

The update to Google+ Photos offers up an intuitive UI, drawing a number of cues from their new Material Design visual language. The adjustment tools are located on the right side of the interface, with various function tools at the top and bottom, and a navigation bar presents an effective method to browse through your image collection.


The basic adjustments within the updated Google+ Photos layout should be very familiar to most of us.

Tuning up an image by means of altering brightness, contrast, saturation, color temperature and more are the most basic of these. Also included is a set of ‘detail’ tools that let you sharpen, add clarity, blur, etc. so that you can refine your image further.


The most notable aspect of these adjustments, however, is the fact that they can be made selectively. Drawing a page right out of Snapseed’s playbook, the update allows users to define specific areas on which to make their desired changes.


As for the creative effects available to users, Google has implemented a number of new filters, effects and tools reminiscent of Snapseed’s offerings. Specifically, Vintage and Retro Lux tools make an appearance, allowing you to give your photos the ‘old-school’ look. You can also alter vignettes, add blur and apply other standard effects we’ve come to expect from such offerings.

Also making their way into the creative effects is a new HDR Scape mode, center focus and a tilt-shift tool. Each feature acts as you would expect, with the HDR scape in particular offering up two different settings: one for “nature” and one for “people.”


The update as a whole features a plethora of new options for users of Google and their photo services, and while it won’t be replacing a professional photo editor like Lightroom any time soon, the features are a welcome addition for your typical Photos user.

It’s worth noting that you must work within Google’s Chrome browser and be logged into your Google+ profile to use these tools. If you have those details taken care of, head on over to your Google+ Photos page to give the updated photo editor a proper run-through.

(via Digital Trends)