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Adobe Launches Photoshop Elements 11: New Interface, Effects, and Tools


Adobe has announced Photoshop Elements 11, the latest refresh to the company’s more-affordable and easier-to-use counterpart to Photoshop, which it claims is the #1 selling consumer photo editing program.

New features in this version include a complete overhaul of the user interface to make it more straightforward, better organization of photos by people/places/events, new guided edits for semi-automatic image adjustments, new filters for giving your pictures funky looks (e.g. comic, graphic novel, pen & ink), new intelligent extraction tools for selecting specific portions of photos, and built in sharing to popular social networks such as Facebook.

Here’s a brief video that introduces the new features you’ll find in version 11:

Available for both Windows and Mac — most programs are, these days — Photoshop Elements 11 will cost $100 if purchased by itself, $80 when upgrading from a previous version, and $150 when bundled with the new Premiere Elements 11 (the counterpart program for video editing). You’ll be able to buy it through the Adobe website or through a retail outlet near you.

Photoshop Elements first appeared alongside Photoshop Version 7 a decade ago. Geared toward ordinary consumers rather than serious photographers, the program has offered an easier interface and stripped down features for a fraction of the cost (generally around 1/5 or 1/6). Last year the company unveiled an even more basic “version of Photoshop”: Photoshop Express, which is a flash based app used through the browser.