Microsoft Updates Surface Book with Twice the Graphics Power


The big story from Microsoft’s Windows 10 event today was definitely the Surface Studio (click here to see it in all its innovative, all-in-one glory). But don’t think they totally ignored their other hardware. The Surface Book got a big bad internal update too.

The new Surface Book i7 looks exactly like the old one, but don’t let the lack of a design update fool you because the internals got a very big boost.

Here’s a look at the intro video:

By adding in a second fan and otherwise thermally redesigning the internals, Microsoft managed to pack in an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 965M 2GB GPU next to the Intel Core i7 processor. For many portable computers that’s a recipe for cooked laptop, but the extra cooling power allows the Surface Book i7 to clock in twice the graphics power of the most capable Surface Book currently on the market without overheating.

The other major internal upgrade is the battery, which boasts a crazy 16-hours in laptop mode, a 30% increase over the previous model.

Microsoft no doubt hopes these two updates together—in addition to the tablet and pen functionality—will tempt a few of Apple’s MacBook Pro users to switch… there’s even a Compare to Mac section on the product page. But with Apple announcing new MacBooks tomorrow, we suggest you wait at least 24 hours before you make that call.


If you’re looking for a catch to these powerful updates, you’ll find it on the price tag. Those planning to pre-order the new Surface Book i7 or pick one up when it launches on November 10th will have to pony up a very Apple-esque $2,400.

To learn more about the updated Surface Book, head over to the Microsoft website by clicking here.