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ColorWorks Transforms Your Photos into Wall Art Made of Crayons



Forget printing your photos on paper. There’s a company out there that can turn your favorite cityscape or family portrait into… crayon art. Mosaics made up of hundreds or even thousands of different colored crayons.

The company is called Color.Works, and they can take any photo you send them and hand assemble it into a crayon mosaic. The resolution won’t be anything to write home about, and they only have 173 colors to work with, but when viewed from a short distance away your photo emerges all 8-bit like out of the crayon-pixels:


Pre-made creations as small as 6 x 6.75-inches start around $70, but if you want to turn one of your photos into a big and beautiful crayon print, it’ll cost you. “Create Your Own” sizes run from 16.5 x 12.25-inches (a total of 1,260 crayons) for $350 all the way up to a massive 51.25 x 37.25-inches (a total of 14,000 crayons) for a staggering $3,000.

To find out more about ColorWorks or if you want to go ahead and turn that New York skyline photo of yours into a 14,000-crayon masterpiece, head over to their website by clicking here.

(via Gizmodo via PopPhoto)