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The ‘World’s Worst Camera App’ is a Cringe-Fest of Photo Fun



When you think of modern app design, clean lines, a minimal aesthetic, and a sleek interface probably comes to mind. Imagine the exact opposite of that and you’ve got A E S T H E T I C A M, the self-styled “World’s Worst Camera App.”

If the way the app is spelled out makes you cringe, you’re in for a rough post, because that’s just the very tip of the tip of the iceberg. Creator Nick Lee has been building software since the ripe old age of 9, and this is his ode to all things horrible in iOS app design.

“A E S T H E T I C A M was created with a simple goal in mind,” reads the app’s description. “Create the worst possible camera experience for iOS.”

The camera interface opens up to a tie-dyed out photo of former communist leader Joseph Stalin, all the buttons look like they were pulled straight out of a Windows 95 acid-trip, and any photo you actually take is integrated into a 90s-esque collage complete with clip art… which you can of course share to social media.

If that sounds terrible (in the best way) and you’re feeling a bit masochistic today, you can download the app for free and give it a try yourself by clicking here.

(via iTunes via Digital Trends)