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This is the Crazy Camerawork Used to Shoot Car Chase Scenes


Ready to be wowed? Because if you’ve never seen how a car chase scene is captured on camera by modern-day camera crews, you’re about to be thanks to this recently released B-Roll footage from the next Jason Bourne movie.

While it’s not specifically relevant to still photography per se, it’s definitely worth a watch and a wow or two. And, in case you’re curious, a car commercial producer on Reddit revealed what goes into capturing a scene like this:

[The camera] is manually controlled. There can be up to 5 people responsible for controlling the chase car (aka camera car), including the driver of the car. One controls the crane arm, another the swivel and yaw of the camera itself, sometimes there’s another to work the zoom, and so on. Oftentimes the director sits in the car as well with an assistant director or director of photography. It’s absolutely incredible how these teams work together like they have one mind. Also, I rode along once to watch the monitor and was nauseous within 5 seconds.

All that work for about 20, maybe 30 seconds of footage. Amazing.