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Race Car Goes Flipping Into Camera Stand in Terrifying Crash


This must be every professional racing photographer’s nightmare: you’re sitting on a rickety perch, capturing the action, when a crash sends a flipping race car hurtling in your direction, taking out said perch and only narrowly missing you.

This exact scene was captured on July 31st at the British Touring Car Championship in Snetterton by Richard Howlett, who stood by helpless as a car rolled over the wall and into an ITV camera stand.

In the battle between stand and flipping race car, the race car unsurprisingly won; fortunately, the cameraman standing atop that TV stand walked away unharmed and was given the all-clear by the on-track medics shortly after. That fact makes this sight a little more bearable, but only just:

(via Crash.net via Jalopnik)