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Photographer Was Shielded by Officer During Dallas Shooting


Photographer Robert Moore was documenting the protests in Dallas on July 7, 2016, when shots rang out. During the shooting that took the lives of 5 officers, Moore was shielded by a young police officer as they took refuge behind a car. Thanks to Moore’s photos and account of what happened, that officer is now being hailed as a hero.

In the 5-minute video by the Dallas Morning News, Moore tells the story of what happened that day.

After being ordered to take cover, Moore found himself being shielded by 25-year-old Dallas police officer James Dylan Smith. The two spent about two hours huddled next to the car as Smith kept watch with a shotgun in hand.

Moore shot a set of powerful photos of the moment, later sharing them through his Facebook page.

“I spent two hours last night crouching behind a car at Lamar and Main, trying to ‘get small! get small!’ Much of it with this guy,” writes Moore in the caption. “I don’t know his name but I won’t forget him.”

“That photo is not technically perfect. But emotionally, it’s there,” Moore tells the Dallas Morning News.

(via Dallas Morning News via Bokeh)