Facebook’s Slideshow Feature Turns Photos and Videos Into Themed Clips


At some point, Facebook became the de-facto hub to share a photo… or two… or sixteen with your friends. Unfortunately, the interface is poorly designed for scrolling through multiple photos. Enter Facebook’s new ‘Slideshow’ feature.

Facebook actually began testing Slideshow back in December as part of the Moments app, but it’s now ready and rolling out to the network’s billion+ users through the official Facebook app.

The feature basically takes your most recent adventure (read: uploads) and allows you to combine them, both photos and videos, into a themed mini-movie. Facebook is banking that these clips—whether you choose to create a movie that’s “nostalgic” or “heroic” or “playful”—will be infinitely more sharable than a 12-photo post that you know nobody is going to scroll through even if they do click on it.

Watch the app in action in the video below:

The resulting clips are reminiscent of Facebook’s popular (if annoying, after you see about 10 of them) automatically generated clips celebrating long-running friendships or looking back on the previous year. Only now you can create these for your weekend getaway or last Thursday’s dinner party.

All you have to do to take advantage of the feature is capture five or more photos or videos in 24 hours. Then, the next time you go to post a status, Facebook will suggest you create a Slideshow that you can later customize with one of 10 themes—fun music and creative transitions included.

Keep an eye on your Facebook app this week and you should soon be able to give it a try for yourself.

(via TechCrunch)