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Facebook Auto-Made a Happy Video of Guy’s Car Wreck Photos


Facebook’s auto-generated photo slideshows aren’t always the best at nailing the mood of photos. Case in point: after Josh Gibson got into a serious freeway car accident, Facebook suggested sharing the above “chipper” video with friends and family.

Gibson was driving on the freeway in his Toyota 4Runner SUV when he was rear-ended by a red sports car going about 30 miles above the speed limit, Gibson says. His 4Runner started to roll and ended up upside-down on the freeway. Emerging from the wreck relatively unscathed, Gibson started shooting photos with his phone.

Later, after opening his Facebook app, Gibson noticed that the social network was offering to automatically make and share a photo slideshow about his experience.

“I watched the ‘only you can see this’ preview inside the Facebook app because I was curious, and couldn’t help but share it because I was laughing so hard,” Gibson writes on Reddit.

This strange happy video of grim photos has since been viewed over half a million times in the first 24 hours of being up on YouTube.