Fuji Reveals Much-Improved Portable Instant Printer for Smartphone Snaps


Fuji’s first SP-1 Instax printer made a bit of a stir when it was unveiled back in January of 2014. A portable, Wi-Fi enabled instant printer, it made printing your smartphone photos practical and fun. With the brand new SP-2, Fuji promises to make that experience even better.

The Instax Share SP-2 is everything you’d expect from an upgrade to the SP-1: sleeker, quieter, and boasting several more features than its predecessor. But most notably, it’s also faster. Where the SP-1 took 16 seconds to print each of your Instax Mini prints, the SP-2 cuts that down to just 10.


Other feature improvements include faster Wi-Fi and a host of new creative possibilities like photo editing—brightness, contrast, and saturation are all adjustable using “custom filter”—and the ability to print collages of 2-4 photos on a single print. The reverse is also possible, splitting a single photo onto 2 prints.

Finally, Fuji is also boasting about their redesigned SHARE app, which features a new user interface, fresh creative filters, and easier navigation. The new app is already available for both iOS and Android users.


The snappier SP-2 is available in two colors—silver and gold—and will ship beginning in mid-July for $200 (the same price as the SP-1 at launch). The Instax Mini film it uses sells for $20 per 20-exposures.

To learn more about the SP-2, click here.