See Photoshop’s New Face-Aware Liquify Feature in Action


One of the fancy new features in Photoshop 2015.5 is called Face-Aware Liquify, but for some reason Adobe hasn’t officially demonstrated it on the Photoshop YouTube channel. Well, have no fear, we found a great little video that demonstrates all the ins and outs of the tool.

The demo was created by the Photoshop Training Channel, and in it Jesus Ramirez shows you how each of the individual adjustments work—eyes, nose, mouth, and facial structure all manipulated easily and (mostly) independently of one another. You can even move individual features around if you’d like, and adjustments can be applied with your mouse on the image or by using the sliders provided.

Another interesting revelation is that you can use Face-Aware Liquify on videos. Once you’ve made your adjustments, Photoshop will automatically apply the effect you created throughout the full video even if the subject is moving their face around.

See the demo for yourself below:

It’s… well it’s a bit creepy but we could also see how it will come in very handy for portrait photographers, headshot photographers, and anybody who wants to turn a group portrait into a portrait of life-sized bobble heads.

Let us know what you think of Face-Aware Liquify, and how you would use it, in the comments down below.