How to Build Your Own Set of LED Studio Lights for Just $250


Buying a professional portrait lighting setup like the much-loved Kino Flo lights is just not within everybody’s budget, especially if you want LEDs. But you can actually build a reasonable alternative for just a couple hundred bucks and about an hour of manual labor.

This DIY tutorial comes from the Joe Edelman YouTube channel, and it’s going to be particularly useful if you want to capture headshots. He shows you how, with just under $250 of parts and about an hour of work, he was able to build a working 4-light LED setup that looks like this:


And get results that look like this:


That’s the very first photo Joe took once he had his versatile set of LED lights ready to roll. Not bad for a couple hundred bucks. Check out the video below for a step-by-step walkthrough of his entire build process:

(via ISO 1200)