The GoHawk Lets You Trigger Your GoPro with Your Tongue or Teeth


GoPros are for recording crazy stunts and extreme action, but how are you supposed to control the GoPro while you’re BASE jumping or surfing or riding a dirt bike? The GoHawk proposes an interesting hands-free solution: use your teeth or tongue instead.

The GoHawk is an GoPro accessory created by Oregon-based company POA Labs, a simple plug-and-play attachment that adds an LED indicator port, external battery port, and remote shutter port to your GoPro Hero camera. The LED port lets you add a flexible indicator light that can fit inside a helmet, the battery port is self-explanatory, and the remote port lets you add one of three triggers: tongue, teeth, or handlebars.

Check out the video below for a quick intro:

Whether you’re shooting video, capturing stills, or turning on burst mode, the GoHawk puts a trigger right at your finger tip… or in your mouth. And the LED indicator lets you know what the GoPro is doing by mirroring the camera’s record and shutter lights.

A hands-free solution, just don’t expect to talk while you’re using it.




Right now, POA Labs is trying to get the GoHawk out of the prototype phase and into consumers’ hands, but they need help. They’re trying to raise $20,000 on Kickstarter in the next 57 days (they’re already more than halfway there…), offering backers the chance to get the GoHawk at a discount in exchange for their support.

If you back them, you can secure a GoHawk and either Tongue or Bite trigger of your own for $170, and be one of the first to give the product a go when it ships in September.

To learn more about the GoHawk or put down an order, head over to the product’s Kickstarter page.

(via DPReview)