How to Fake a Drone Shot with a Light Stand and Action Camera

Netherlands-based photographer and videographer Chung Dha made this quick 2-minute video showing how he fakes the look of drone shots using a light stand and action camera.

“Drones are expensive and flying them low over a crowd is dangerous and prohibited, so this video I am going to show you, how I achieve my drone like shots which are in reality a boom shot,” he says.

The basic idea is simply walking around with a small camera at the end of a fully extended stand, but Chung has some tips that he learned through using this technique for his own purposes.


His particular kit only set him back about €80 (~$90): €30 for an SJ4000 action cam, €40 for the Calumet mini light stand, and €11 for the microSD card.

(via Chung Dha via ISO 1200)