Remarkable Photos of a Fish Trapped Inside a Jellyfish


You don’t see that every day. Australian photographer Tim Samuel recently captured a couple of photos the likes of which we feel confident saying you have never seen before. He photographed a fish… trapped inside a jellyfish… controlling the jellyfish from inside.

Samuel actually shot and posted the photos on his Instagram back in December, but they recently took off when the popular Instagram account DiscoverOcean shared one of them with its 661,000 followers. The original post (embedded below) was accompanied by the caption: “I found a fish inside a jellyfish! He was trapped in there, but controlled where the jellyfish was moving.”

He then posted this second shot from a different angle, showing what our anthropomorphizing minds at PetaPixel can’t help but see as a look of abject horror on the little fish’s face:

The photo was captured while free diving off The Pass in Byron Bay, but it definitely wasn’t planned. Samuel was out there looking for turtles when he stumbled across the strange hybrid.

A photographer for the past 5 years, Samuel is also a surfing instructor and has spent many years in the water. But in all his years among the waves, he says he has never seen something so unusual. “I knew I had stumbled upon something pretty special,” he told Mashable, “but I didn’t realize no one had photographed this behavior before, and I haven’t heard of anyone ever seeing this before.”

It’s certainly not the best underwater photograph Samuel has ever taken—a quick glance at his impressive Instagram account or his website will show you that—but it’s definitely become his most famous.

Image credits: Photographs by Tim Samuel and shared with permission.