Macro Footage of the Double Life of a Fake Jellyfish

The popular YouTube channel Journey to the Microcosmos has shared a new video on the "Double Life of a Fake Jellyfish" that contains some impressive and fascinating macro footage of Moerisia (a tiny type of Cnidarian) captured by James Weiss.

Behind the Photos: Incredible Human-Sized Jellyfish Caught on Camera

This past weekend, just off the coast of Cornwall, UK, underwater cinematographer Dan Abbott and wildlife biologist Lizzie Daly captured what is being called the most viral wildlife story of the year: incredible footage of a rare human-sized jelly fish swimming alongside Daly in the murky deep.

Remarkable Photos of a Fish Trapped Inside a Jellyfish

You don't see that every day. Australian photographer Tim Samuel recently captured a couple of photos the likes of which we feel confident saying you have never seen before. He photographed a fish... trapped inside a jellyfish... controlling the jellyfish from inside.

What It’s Like to Swim with Millions of Jellyfish

Ongeim'l Tketau, or "Jellyfish Lake," on the island country of Palau is a place you need to add to your underwater photography bucket list. The waters are famous for the millions of jellyfish that migrate across the lake on a daily basis, which provide for incredible views that many have captured on camera.

A man who goes by mikeyk730 recently visited the lake after learning about it four years ago, and he captured the amazing footage above by bringing along a GoPro HERO4 Silver.