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Woman’s Epic Climbing Journey Captured in Spectacular iPhone Film



RYOT, in association with Apple, has captured one of the most captivating, moving, stunning short documentaries you will see this year, or possibly ever… and they did it all on an iPhone 6S.

The short doc is called “A Woman’s Epic Journey to Climb 7 Mountains—Shot on a Phone” and it follows National Geographic Emerging Explorer and Adventurer of the Year Wasfia Nazreen as she climbs her way into the history books.

Wasfia is the first Bangladeshi to scale the Seven Summits: the highest peaks of the 7 continents including Everest, Denali, and Kilimanjaro. She did this to inspire the women of her home country and show a different side of her country to the rest of the world. The short documentary below captures all of that and more. It captures the spirit behind Wasfia’s climbs. It captures the dedication and peace and surrender she brings to her journey:

The doc really was shot entirely on an iPhone 6S, using specialized equipment like the BeastGrip and powerful apps like FiLMiC Pro to help shoot footage that would otherwise be impossible with a smartphone. But even knowing this, we still can’t hardly believe that all of it was shot with a phone… it’s just too darn beautiful. It’s no wonder the film was recently selected as part of National Geographic’s Short Film Showcase.

To learn more about Wasfia and her journey definitely check out this insightful interview she did for National Geographic. And if you’d like to see more videos from NatGeo’s short film showcase, click here.