Pro Watch Photos Shot with an iPhone and a Jeweler’s Loupe

"It's not the camera, it's the photographer." We (and probably you) hear this particular phrase ad nauseam, but once in a while we run across a set of photos that say the same thing without having to utter a word. These gorgeous watch photos definitely qualify.

17 of Apple’s Favorite iPhone 6S Portrait Photos

With each new iPhone model, Apple has been gathering some of the world's best photos captured with its phone for its global "Shot on iPhone" ad campaigns. Last year we shared 20 of Apple's favorite photos that were captured with the iPhone 6.

Today Apple is launching a new World Gallery titled "Shot on iphone 6S." Here are 17 of Apple's favorite portrait photos captured with its latest phone camera.

NFL Photographer Shoots Game with iPhone 6S Plus

This past weekend, GottaBeMobile sent sports photographer Andrew Weber to the Sunday Night Football game between the Denver Broncos and the Detroit Lions. Instead of the $12,000 in gear that Weber normally carries into stadiums, he was asked to shoot everything with just an iPhone 6S Plus.

The resulting photos offer a look at what the new iPhone's camera can and can't do when shooting top-level athletes in a (relatively) dark and action-packed environment.

How the iPhone 6S Camera Compares to All Previous iPhones

One of the big improvements in the new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus are the new camera modules, which now shoot 12-megapixel photos. If you'd like to see how the new camera stacks up to its entire line of predecessors, Camera+ co-founder Lisa Bettany has published a series of side-by-side comparison images showing the same scenes captured with each camera.

This is the First 4K Film Shot with the New iPhone 6S

Want to see the 4K video quality on the new iPhone 6S camera? Check out the short film above that was just released today by the media company RYOT. Titled "The Painter of Jalouzi," the video is the world's first short film that was filmed in 4K with the new iPhone 6S Plus.