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Shooting the Aurora at 36,000 Feet with the 4M ISO Canon ME20F-SH



Of the things that new camera technology has allowed us to do, filming the Aurora Borealis in real time has to be one of our favorites. Using the incredible Canon ME20F-SH, the folks at AURORA skycam TV were able to capture the northern lights in real time, handheld, while gliding along at 36,000 feet and 800 km/h.

The $30,000 Canon ME20F-SH, in case you don’t remember, can capture footage at over 4 million ISO! By comparison, 102000 is a walk in the park. In fact, they were able to shoot the whole thing at 1080p and 50fps.

The resulting video—captured from inside a Norwegian airlines flight—reminds us that the so-called ‘polar spirits’ dance slowly, not at the hectic time-lapse pace we’ve grown accustomed to. It just wasn’t until very recently that camera tech allowed us to see the display in real time.

There are some amazing shots in this video starting right away, but as the AURORA skycam team puts it in the description: wait for the good stuff.