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Bison is a Rugged 360° 3D Camera Rig Designed with Grizzly Bears in Mind



There are some interesting 360° camera rigs out there, but not a one of them was designed with grizzly bear and jaguar attacks in mind… until now. Meet the Condition One VR ‘Bison,’ a super tough 360° 3D camera rig worthy of its hefty name.

Condition One built the rig, code-named ‘Bison’, to tackle the most interesting (read: most challenging) 360° shooting assignments, and has already tested ‘Bison’ out in the wild by shooting the aforementioned grizzly bears and jaguars.

With 16 cameras to its name, the Bison can capture 5.4K 360° video in stereoscopic 3D at 48fps, putting you right up next to wild animals without worrying about disturbing them or… you know… getting mauled and stuff.

Feel the presence of massive bison on the move from inside the herd, forage alongside a grizzly, lift off amid a million-winged flutter of monarchs. Experience a dangerous world with some of the planet’s most at-risk species: an endangered jaguar, a rainforest sloth and a mother olive ridley turtle laying the next precious generation on a lonely beach.

Here’s some sample footage captured with the Bison and described in the quote above:

Given the kind of intense situations Condition One designed the Bison to be used in, it can be controlled by tablet and triggered remotely from as far away as 2,600 feet, is housed inside a custom engineered aluminum rig, and sits atop a custom designed carbon fiber tripod.

Oh, and one more thing: you can’t buy it.

Yep, it turns out Condition One just wanted to let you know this exists. It doesn’t seem to be meant for the general public, but rather companies like National Geographic who can use it to further Condition One’s vision: “[To] give audiences a first-hand experience of the world’s suffering and injustice as well as the triumph and the beauty.”

You can learn more about the Bison and Condition One VR by clicking here.

(via The Verge)