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Beautiful Photos Created by Letting Petrol Evaporate on a Glass Plate



Artist and photographer Fabian Oefner is constantly working out new and interesting ways to create his art—whether it’s splattering paint using a spinning drill bit or ‘disintegrating’ a car piece by piece. For his latest series ‘Corona,’ he turned his attention to petrol and achieved unexpectedly beautiful results.

The series is named for the fiery ring of plasma visible around the edges of a solar eclipse, because that’s the image Oefner got when he let rings of petrol evaporate on a glass plate and photographed the results.

“Corona is a set of images, that came into existence by chance,” he explains on his site. “Its from a recent experiment, where I let Petrol evaporate on a glass plate. When I started the experiment, I predicted a different result. However, I believe it is often the case, that magical moments come into existence, when we go beyond the predictable.”

Despite the expectations he had, here’s what happened:






Unexpectedly beautiful, we can’t think of a better way to describe the series at this moment. But for Oefner, the joy was in the surprise:

My work as an artist is to create a space for different visual possibilities to happen. Sometimes, these possibilities are rather predictable. And at other times, it goes beyond the predictable into an uncertainty, I cannot foresee. I love these moment, when I am able to push open a door to a visual realm, I did not expect to find.

To see the images above in beautiful, high resolution—or if you would like to explore more of Oefner’s work—head over to his website by clicking here. You can also find him on Instagram.

Image credits: Photographs by Fabian Oefner and used under creative commons license.