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Photos of Towering Architectural Forms Made of… Chewing Gum



When you think “towering architecture photography,” the only chewing gum on your mind is probably the piece you might step on while trying to frame your shot from the sidewalk. But Sam Kaplan‘s architectural homage Unwrapped is actually made of gum.

The photos look like massive architectural forms, towering above the camera, but each is made up of hundreds of sticks of gum unwrapped and stacked by Sam, and held together by super glue.


Sam wasn’t set on using chewing gum when he first came up with the concept behind this shoot.

“I wanted to find a material that could be both repeatable and remain uniform,” he explains. “I also wanted a high level of malleability and after a lot of trial and error I landed on gum.” What he probably didn’t plan for was having to unwrap several hundred pieces of gum for every. single. photo.

As for the shapes themselves, they’re inspired by futurist and Mayan architecture. “This project was a way to combine both of those to make new forms,” says Sam.






You can find a lot more of Sam’s work, including some behind the scenes videos showing how these “structures” were created, over on his Instagram.

(via Colossal)

Image credits: Photographs by Sam Kaplan and used with permission.