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Stabilized Amateur Footage of a 7.3 Magnitude Earthquake


In the wake of the tragic earthquakes in Japan and Ecuador this weekend, the folks at Slate wanted to better drive home the destructive, terrifying power of a high magnitude earthquake. They did it by stabilizing shaky amateur footage of a home in Japan trying to survive the 7.3 magnitude Kumamoto quake.

The resulting footage is both fascinating, and terrifying, with emphasis on the latter.

“The two earthquakes are both examples of tragic natural disasters that would be unspeakably terrifying to experience,” writes Slate‘s Aymann Ismail, “but are difficult to comprehend from afar.” The video, he hopes, will better convey what it’s like to be there during a quake of this magnitude.

Editor’s Note: It has been brought to our attention that the embedded video is not viewable on mobile. We apologize for any annoyance this may have caused. The original video at this link should be viewable on mobile as well.