Signed Copies of ‘Magnum Contact Sheets’ Now Available for a Hefty Sum


Want. Want really badly actually. Magnum Contact Sheets is one of the most lauded, loved, and recommended photography books a photo lover can buy, and now signed copies are available in the Magnum Store.

The book is a second edition, and it’s a bit smaller than the original (on purpose… the first edition was massive). But this isn’t just about making a compact size version, the ones available at Magnum right now are signed by 12 Magnum photographers including Bruce Davidson, Alex Webb, Chien-Chi Chang, Thomas Hoepker and several more.

Containing contact sheets packed full of outtakes and potentially iconic photos that were never published, Magnum Contact Sheets is one of the few truly “must-own” books for photography enthusiasts—particularly if you’re a lover of documentary and street photography. Here’s some of what awaits inside:






“Featured are 139 contact sheets from sixty-nine photographers, as well as zoom-in details, selected photographs, press cards, notebooks, and spreads from contemporary publications including Life magazine and Picture Post,” writes Magnum in the store description. “Further insight into each contact sheet is provided by texts written by the photographers themselves or by experts chosen by the members’ estates.”

You can see why we want to buy this so badly… unfortunately we may not be able to afford it. You can pick up Magnum Contact Sheets on Amazon for between $48 and $56, but the signed 2nd edition costs $220 on the Magnum Store.

Of course, that might be a small price to pay if you’re a true lover of all things Magnum photography. Plus, Magnum says the “price will increase as copies sell out,” so $220 might seem like a bargain in a few days.