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Moving Light Around Objects Frozen in Time by High Speed Cameras


We won’t waste time hemming and hawing: this is just plain cool. Using a patented technology, Satellite Lab can move a light source around an object at 10,000 feet per second while capturing that same object in super slow motion, creating an effect we’ll call “bullet time 2.0”.

The video above is Satellite Lab’s test reel, and it shows the interesting effect you can get by separating the way the light and video capture behave. Or, as they explain on their website:

Using a high speed cinema camera to arrest a moment of time and light sources moving at over 10,000 feet per second, this technology creates the ability to control the movement of light sources and the movement of the scene as independent variables.

In addition to the test reel, Satellite lab has also uploaded several individual tests seen briefly in the video at the top. Check those out below:

To see more of the work Satellite Lab has created using this technique and technology, head over to their website here.