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Guy Proposes to His Photographer Girlfriend with a Camera Tattoo


Charlene Trickey is a professional photographer based in Florida and the owner of Trickey Photography. When her boyfriend Travis Durham proposed to Charlene yesterday, he did it with a large tattoo on his thigh with a vintage camera and the words: “Can’t Picture Myself Without You. WYMM?”

Note: The videos below contain some strong language.

A box next to “WYMM” was left empty for Charlene to check if/when she accepted the proposal.

“Travis called me to come pick him up, and when I came in the [tattoo] shop he went to show me his “new tattoo” on his arm, but there was nothing there,” Charlene tells PetaPixel. “That’s when he reveals the actual tattoo. He gets down on one knee and asks. I say yes.”

Here’s a video of how the proposal went down:

After accepting Travis’ proposal, Charlene was then invited to check the box to complete the tattoo. Here’s a video of her inking the checkmark:

Now that’s a sign of true love for a photographer who has a true love for photography.

Image credits: Photograph and videos by Brandon of Old Glory Tattoo. Courtesy Charlene Trickey.