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How to Attach a Camera Strap with No Loose Ends Flapping Around


Most camera straps have a small loop that holds the extra flappy end in place so it doesn’t dangle loosely. If you want to tuck the end of the strap away even more, the 2-minute video above demonstrates a simple way to do so.

The demo is by Warrick of Fujifilm Australia and was just published by ShotKit. Instead of using the buckle to hold the strap tight and the loop to hold the loose end, you can use the buckle for both purposes. Simply reverse the order of the loop and buckle, and tuck the loose end of the strap through the buckle.

This simple trick makes adjusting the length of your strap a bit harder, but if that’s not something you find yourself doing often, this is a nice way to make your camera strap both neat and secure.