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A Closer Look at Pete Souza’s Photos of President Obama


Here’s a great 4-minute video by the YouTube channel society of geeks that looks at the work of official White House photographer Pete Souza.

Souza’s goal is to be an invisible observer to President Obama’s role in history, disappearing into the background while capturing Obama’s job from a perspective that isn’t typically covered by other photojournalists.


“Pete Souza differentiates himself by standing one step further back than everyone else,” the narrator says. “He has a deep understanding of history of the past, and an incredible intuitive understanding of the historic importance of the present.”

Inspired by the video and want to see more of Souza’s work? You can find his official photos in the official White House Flickr photo stream, which now boasts over 6,600 photos. We’ve also shared a number of stories and interviews about/with Souza in the past.

(via society of geeks via Reddit)