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This US Army Portable Darkroom is For Sale for $2,500



Live near Hillsborough, North Carolina and have space in your backyard for a darkroom? Someone’s selling a sweet US Army portable darkroom for $2,500.

The darkroom popped up this week in a Craigslist listing. In “good” condition, the shelter was once used by the US Army and has everything you need to develop your photos… and stay shielded from enemy fire.


“Any photographer interested in owning a darkroom need not look any further,” the seller writes in the description. “Complete, portable darkroom (used by the US Army) that is fully equipped with enlargers, trays, professional style print washer, timers… everything you need for doing your own processing and enlarging images.”

Chemicals and paper are not included in the sale, and they’re asking for $2,500, or best offer.








We featured this interesting US army darkroom shelter once back in 2012 when one was being sold on eBay for $4,500 (so $2,500 is a relative steal).

A layout diagram from the unit sold in 2012.
A layout diagram from the unit sold in 2012.

It has 3 rooms, 614 cubic feet of working space, a heating/AC unit, a temperate water control system, and an escape door. Just in case. Because you never know when you might need that.

(via Craigslist via Reddit)