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Lightroom on Android 2.0 is the World’s First End-to-End Mobile RAW Photo App



Adobe today launched Lightroom on Android 2.0, the world’s first end-to-end RAW mobile photography solution. It’s an app that lets you shoot, edit, and share RAW/DNG photos using an Android smartphone.

While Lightroom is more known for being a solution for photo editing, this new app version brings a built-in camera that lets you capture DNG format RAW photos. The camera has built-in presets that let you apply non-destructive looks while framing and snapping shots.


Once you’ve captured a photo, there are powerful tools at your disposal for post-processing the work, from Dehaze for adjusting haze and fog to Split Toning to add color casts to the highlights and shadows.


The Curve tool has a Point mode that gives you precise control over the contrast and tonality of any shot, and the Color/B&W editing panel has a Target Adjustment Tool that puts editing controls on your image for precise adjustments.


Other features include copying and pasting settings between photos, a star rating system for editing a collection of shots, and more.



Here are some before-and-after photos showing straight-out-of-camera photos alongside final edited shots that have been processed with different tools in Lightroom for Android 2.0:

White Balance

LRM_White Blance - Original

LRM_White Balance - Edited


LRM_Vignette - Original

LRM_Vignette - Edited

Split Toning

LRM_Split Toning - Original

LRM_Split Toning - Edited

Highlights and Shadows

LRM_Highligh and Shadow - Original

LRM_Highlight and Shadow - Edited


LRM_Dehaze - Original

LRM_Dehaze - Edited


LRM_Clarity - Original

LRM_Clarity - Edited

You can find Lightroom for Android 2.0 as a free download in the Google Play store.