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4K with a Lumia 950 Smartphone… and Nikon Lenses


Swedish photographer Mattias Burling recently decided to experiment with shooting 4K video with his Microsoft Lumia 950 smartphone… through his collection of Nikon SLR lenses. Using an old 35mm adapter, Burling put together a rig that lets him shoot with a Nikkor 25mm f/1.4, 50mm f/1.4, and 17-35mm f/2.8.

“This was a fun experiment taking advantage of the 4K video in the Lumia 950 and its awesome close focus distance,” Burling says. “I used old Nikon glass and an old s35 adapter from the ‘DV Days’.”




While the quality of the rotated, color graded, and letterboxed footage leaves something to be desired, it’s interesting to see the combination’s shallow depth of field.


There’s a commercial product out there called the Beastgrip Pro that adapts SLR lenses for smartphones, but Burling says he decided to create his own rig for a “s35 look.”

You can find more of Burling’s experiments and gear videos on his YouTube channel.

Image credits: Video and still frames by Mattias Burling