A $6,100 Leica-Shaped Leica Underwater Housing


Want to shoot underwater photos with your Leica M camera but don’t want to use those bulky underwater housings out there? Subal has a perfect, albeit pricey, solution for you.

The company recently announced the Subal Leica M, an underwater housing for Leica M rangefinders that looks just like a giant Leica M rangefinder.


While the company hasn’t revealed much in the way of technical details, it did say that the housing “allows you to use Leica lenses, Voigtländer lenses and many others with Leica M bayonett with the Subal port system.”

“Also the great thing is that it is usable with Nikonos lenses without any ports,” SUBAL writes on Facebook. “So you can use underwater corrected lenses in their full quality.”



The SUBAL website says the housing will have a Leica-esque price tag of €5,500, or a little over $6,100.

(via SUBAL via Leica Rumors)