Canon EOS R5 Underwater Photo and Video Review

The summer 2020 release of the Canon EOS R5 made one thing clear - Canon has decided to set the photographic standard for this decade. Without a doubt, the EOS R5 is the top image maker of 2020 and could potentially go unmatched in the camera world for another few years.

Review: Ikelite Housing is a Watertight Option for Underwater Photos

As a young kid, I loved the ocean. I was amazed at everything surrounding it and knew I wanted to work in it somehow. It wasn't until many years later I found photography. I knew one day I would be taking my camera into the ocean to shoot the amazing landscapes and animals who call it home. I'm happy to say, after several long years, I finally have a dive housing in my bag.

Shooting the Holi Festival in India with a Fuji X-T2 and Underwater Housing

When packing your gear bag for a two-week street photography trip, the last thing you might think to bring is an underwater housing. Most of the time you would be completely right to leave that item at home. But if your trip happens to be going to India during the celebration of Holi, an underwater housing may just be the protection you need.

$2,000 vs $50: How to Build Your Own DSLR Dome Port Underwater Housing

If you've done research into underwater housing, you'll know how expensive they can be. In some instances, they cost more than the camera. Certainly, when you pay the premium price you're also purchasing assurance, functionality, size, etc. However, rebel that I am, I didn't want to pay the premium, so I built my own.

A $6,100 Leica-Shaped Leica Underwater Housing

Want to shoot underwater photos with your Leica M camera but don't want to use those bulky underwater housings out there? Subal has a perfect, albeit pricey, solution for you.

The company recently announced the Subal Leica M, an underwater housing for Leica M rangefinders that looks just like a giant Leica M rangefinder.

Eighty Dollar DIY Sound Blimp Doubles as a Poor Man’s Underwater Housing

A couple of days ago, we shared a great little DIY project by Phoenix-based photographer Dan Tabár. Since he sometimes has to shoot on quiet soundstages where camera noise is not an option, he created a makeshift sound blimp for his Nikon D800 for only about $80 -- a professional sound blimp would have run him closer to $1,000.

As it turns out however, his DIY creation has another function. As you can see from the test video above, it doubles as a poor man's underwater housing!

AirLock System Lets You Test Waterproof Camera Housings for Leaks

Underwater photo gear company Backscatter has released a new product that's designed to give photographers peace of mind when diving with expensive camera gear in waterproof housings. Called the AirLock Vacuum System, it's a new device that lets you verify that your housing is completely free of leaks before you take it into the water.

Outex: A ‘Drysuit’ Housing for Your DSLR That Won’t Break the Bank

Waterproof housings for your DSLR typically come in two varieties: cheap bags that leave you wanting more in way of results, or extremely expensive cases that leave your bank account wanting more in way of funds. Outex hits a happy medium, providing much higher quality results than your typical bag housing for between $250 and $400 depending on your camera.