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Ep. 42: How Do You Feel About Giving Away Photography? – and more


Episode 42 of the PetaPixel Photography Podcast.
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Featured: Sports photographer Brad Mangin

In This Episode

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Sports Photographer Brad Mangin opens the show. Thanks Brad!

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University of Missouri professor Melissa Click is charged with assaulting student journalist Mark Schierbecker. We reached out once again to Mark and got his thoughts on Click having been charged. (#)

A 22-year-old student upsets photographers by releasing photos of politicians under a Creative Commons license. (#)

Adobe Portfolio is released allowing photographers to quickly place their portfolio online. (#)

Broadcaster Keith Olbermann’s less-than-ideal baseball card photos from 1981. (#)

GoPro + Blizzard of 2016 = awesome stop motion video. (#)

Sigma releases pricing and availability of its new ceramic, hardened lens protection filter. (#)

A Dutch journalist is mugged in a French migrant camp. (#)

Rumors indicate that the Fujifilm medium format camera system is in active development. (#)

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