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Adobe Update Brings ‘Boundary Warp’ to Lightroom and Camera Raw



Adobe today announced its latest updates for Lightroom and Camera Raw. In addition to various bug fixes and new lens and camera support, the main upgrade is the introduction of a new feature called Boundary Warp. It’s designed to solve the issue of irregular boundaries when creating stitched panoramas.

The most common way photographers deal with irregular boundaries in stitched photos is to select a smaller complete portion of the frame and apply a rectangular crop. This leaves you with neat edges, but at the cost of losing some of the pixels you captured.

You can also do Content Aware Fill, but it can take some work to obtain a smooth and artifact-free final image.

That’s where Boundary Warp comes in. It analyzes the boundary of your panorama and then warps the image so the edges fit nicely inside a rectangular frame. Here’s an animated GIF that shows it in action:

You can start using Boundary Warp by updating to Lightroom CC 2015.4, Lightroom 6.4, or Camera Raw 9.4, all of which are available starting today.