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The Slim Strap by Custom SLR Features a Nifty Quick-Adjust Slider


Slim Strap 2

Over the past 5 years, the San Francisco-based company Custom SLR has successfully launched 5 different camera products that all started with Kickstarter campaigns (the first was the C-Loop in 2010). Now the company has announced its sixth project: the Slim Strap.

It’s a minimalist leather camera strap that’s geared toward smaller mirrorless and compact cameras, featuring an elegant and durable design and a special quick-adjust slider that makes shooting a breeze.

Slim Strap 9

The compact and lightweight strap is made of real top grain leather on the shoulder pad, the strap connectors, and the thumb loop on the adjustment slider. “As time passes, the leather will conform more to the contours of your shoulder,” says Custom SLR. “The older it gets, the better it gets.”

Slim Strap 6

Slim Strap 11

The quick-adjust slider system allows you to carry your camera around with it safely tucked against your side, and when you’d like to take a picture, you quickly pull the slider, bring your camera up to your face, and snap away. The system keeps the leather shoulder pad fixed to your shoulder through this whole process.

Slim Strap 1

If you don’t need a wide range of motion, you can bring your camera up to your face without pulling the slider at all.

Slim Strap 3

Slim Strap 5

Here’s a short video introduction to the Slim Strap:

The Slim Strap is set to hit the market in April 2016 if everything goes according to plan. You can support the project and pre-order a strap with a $30 contribution over on Kickstarter.