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These Pro Product Photos Were Shot in a Bathtub



Polish photographer Rafał Krasa recently launched Eupidere, a new brand of high-end leather camera straps. He wanted some product photos with a seamless white background but didn’t have the proper studio setup, so he decided to go with what he did have: his bathtub.

“What only matters are the results,” Krasa says. The shoot isn’t pretty, but it saved time and money, and the results delivered.

Krasa placed his products into a clean white bathtub, under a semi-transparent diffusion panel.

“The bottom of the tub acted as a tripod, a background and reflected the light comming from above,” Krasa writes. “The top of the bathtub was covered with a semi-transparent screen, that diffused the light coming from a halogen ceiling fixtures shining straight down.”


The panel helped soften the light and produce a “CGI-style look”. Here are a couple of resulting product photos:



Here’s what one of the photos looks like when displayed prominently on the Eupidere website:


Not bad for a bathtub studio, eh?

Image credits: Photographs by Rafał Krasa/dr5000 and used with permission